Come enjoy one of our outdoor igloos today!

We have three igloos available, two dining igloos, one lounge


  • Can seat up to 8 people
  • Although the igloos are heated, and most people find them warm enough to remove their winter gear, we recommend that you come dressed for the weather. Hats, scarves, gloves, boots, a few layers, and even a blanket, will all help keep you comfortable, just in case you prefer things a little more toasty
  • Full food and beverage service is available in the igloos. Our menus can be found at
  • Igloos are cleaned and sanitized prior to each reservation


Violating these rules may result in your entire party being asked to leave prior to the end of your reservation time. No refunds will be granted.

  • Our restaurant policy is that only guests 21+ years old are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Guest will be carded at check-in
  • Smoking, or open flames of any kind, are NOT allowed in igloos
  • No pets allowed
  • No outside food or beverages allowed
  • No Illegal drugs
  • Do not move or touch your heater(s)
  • Igloos are inspected and cleaned after every party, and though unlikely, should any evidence of damage or theft be found after your visit, a fee of up to $200 will be charged